Being established in a hope that advanced out-sourcing service is offered that could be entrusted with acting for logistics dept (including management and operation) on customers` behalf

You are provided with superior environment in a competition for your brighter development of your business through logistics.

Company name Neo Logistics Inc.
Head Office Ai Bild 3F 1-2-5 Nipponbashi-nishi Naniwa-ku Osaka-city Osaka Zip556-0004 Janan
【Phone】(81)-6-6644-3388  【Fax】(81)-6-6644-9988
Tokyo Office AT-Garage Nakamura Bild 1F 6-18-3 Shinbashi Minato-ku Tokyo Zip105-0004 Janan
Established February 4,1999 Head office:Sakai-city
Transfer head office function to Nanba (the present address) in 2001
Capital stocks 10 million yen
The number of employees 20 number of employees・80 part-time job number of employees
CEO President and Chif Executive Officer YOSHINORI NAKAMOTO
Business contents Overall non-asset type, 3PL (third party logistics) business
Logistics consultation
Logistics solution
Suggestion of the structure of the most suitable logistics system
Out-sourcing of logistics
Contract of Safekeeping, Cargo work, Packing, Transportation and delivery, Administrative task
Representation of logistics center and distribution section
Business License Permission of the use transport business
Specific worker dispatch business
Group to belong to Osaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry , The Japan Third Party Logistics Association
Logistics center Specifically, please confirm results introduction
Affiliates 株式会社アスト中本
Main customer ムソー(株)、岡田紙業(株)、 カナディアン・ソーラー・ジャパン(株)、アルスコーポレーション(株)、寺内(株) 、 白光金属工業(株)、(株)原口、日本アクセス(株)

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