Domestic Services Logistics out-sourcing and consultation We are proud of our important role towards our clients` further development,supporting with `establishment of general logistics function` and with `improvement of job-site operation.`

	3PL (3rd-party-logistics)We propose logistics-betterment and is entrused with comprehensive logistics operation.

Consultation and logistics out-sourcing

Improvement of general logistics will be performed by means of consultation (investigation and analysis of current situation) and proposing a draft of logistics-improvement, and of embodiment of planning and practice (entrusted operation or job-site-leading).

From totally most appropriate viewpoint

We correspond to such requirements as decrease of total logistics cost and improvement from totally most appropriate viewpoint by being omprehensively entrusted with goods-flow via logistics center to delivery location.

Respective correspondence to our clients

Environment and developping course of each enterprise is infinitely different, so is the requirements of logistics improvement. Each enterprse is, therefore, proposed an unique draft of improvement, and is consistently offered practice of betterment as well as continuous improvements afterwards

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