International Services Global logistics As a good partner of customers, we are prepard by ourselves to be promptly corresponding to change of time. Our clients are supported with `customers` supply-chain`through `advanced comprehensive logistics services.`

Global logistics `Our customers are offered consistent services of domestic and overseas to meet your requirements`

Now in the course of advanced East Asia logistics solution project
By means of non-asset-type-3PL with our neutral standpoint of avoiding being curbed by our own warehouses or vehicles, logistics betterment is fueled together with customers, who are also supported with further development
Cooperation with our group company (Asuto Nakamoto) may fuel preparation of international physical distribution

Customers who may be facing to review of supply-chain-tactics,
We organize buying logistics, including purchase from selling sources on your behalf
Customers who may want to develop trade with Russia,
We organize trade logistics between East Asia (Japan, China, and Korea) and Russia.
We correspond to customers` respective requirements, and continue our challenge towards `neo logistics.` Please at first let us have your requirements

Please at first let us have your requirements


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